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Volunteer Opportunities for Parents
There are many ways for parents to offer help and support to their children’s school.

How to begin:
  • Let your child’s principal and teachers know that you are available to volunteer.
  • Specify days, times, skills and talents.
  • Visit your child’s classroom.
  • Meet your child’s classroom teacher
  • Meet your child’s specialist teachers (Art, Music, Gym, Special Ed., Science, Reading, ELL, etc.)
  • Keep in touch with your child’s teachers.
Use the following suggestions to find the right match for your time and talents to be shared.

Be a team player:
  • Be a role model for active participation in your child’s school.
  • Uphold school discipline, confidentiality, and other policies as a volunteer.
  • Work with teachers to develop a parent volunteer involvement plan.
  • Join the PTO/Serve as an officer.
  • Serve on the School Council.
  • Join a decision making group.
  • Organize parent groups to attend School Committee Meetings to advocate  for your children and their school.
  • Attend school meetings, functions, and events.
  • Offer to drive a parent who needs transportation to school functions and events.
  • Offer to translate for parents whose first language is not English.
  • Voice your support or concerns on any issue that will affect your family.
  • Participate in community/school cleanup projects.
Share your expertise before, during, and after school:
  • Share information about a hobby.
  • Share information about a career.
  • Share information about visiting or living in another country or an interesting part of the USA.
  • Write poetry with children.
  • Create family books or creative journals.
  • Teach board games.
  • Teach paper crafting or cartooning.
  • Help coach and athletic team.
  • Assist on field trips when you are able.
  • Help establish a parent center at your school.
  • Start a parent book club with a focus on current child-centered publications.
  • Read aloud to children in the school library or in the classroom.
  • Organize or participate in storytelling events.
Help with resources:
  • Serve as a room parent.
  • Help prepare materials for lessons in the art room or science room.
  • Support student performances; paint scenery, sew costumes, make props.
  • Help create, publish, and distribute a school newsletter.
  • Organize donations of classroom supplies; Kleenex, hand sanitizer, paper towels, glue sticks, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Bring in approved refreshments for special events.
  • Organize donations of good, used clothing, toys and books.
  • Organize donations of usable recycled goods from local businesses (paper, 3-ring binders, pens, pencils, containers, etc.)
  • Help create and assemble home learning games.
  • Encourage employers and local businesses to make donations and support school programs.
Help at home:

Ask school staff if there is a need for assistance with . . .
  • Computer research
  • Letter writing
  • Phone calls
  • Tracing/cutting
  • Stapling books or journals
  • Typing labels
  • Assembling learning games
Develop your skills:
  • Attend training or orientation on how to be an effective volunteer.
  • Help develop creative ways to use volunteers at school.
  • Coordinate and supervise evening and weekend volunteer activities at school.
  • Help develop volunteer job descriptions and opportunities.
  • Participate in organizing and planning ways to recognize and appreciate Volunteers.
  • Learn to be a math coach.