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Medication in School
Salem Public Schools School Health Services Medication Policy

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 94C and chapter 71, Section 54B, school nurses will be responsible for the administration and storage of all medication and the maintenance of accurate medication records on all students. Pursuant to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health 105 CMR 210.000 regulations, no other individual will be allowed to administer medication unless the school nurse has appropriately trained them.

During the school day, the administration of either prescription or non-prescription medications must comply with the regulations and protocols of the Massachusetts Department of Public health and the Salem Public Schools as follows:

The school health office must have on file a written order from a Licensed Health Care Provider detailing the student’s name, name of the drug, dosage, frequency of time and route of administration, date of order, discontinue date and diagnosis, if not in violation of confidentiality. For short-term prescription medications, i.e. those requiring administration for ten school days or fewer, the pharmacy-labeled container may be used in lieu of an order.

A written consent form is required for the administration of all medications. The form must be signed by the parent/guardian and will provide an emergency telephone number, contact person, and a list of all medications the student is currently receiving, if not inviolation of confidentiality or contrary to the request of the parent/guardian or a majority age student that such medications not be documented.

Medication must be delivered to school by a parent/guardian or responsible adult in the properly labeled pharmacy container. No other container is acceptable.

Any medication administered by injection must be given in the health office with the exception of insulin delivery systems.

Students may not carry medication of any kind on their person with the exception of asthma inhalers, Epi-Pens, enzyme supplements and insulin delivery systems and then only with documentation from the Licensed Health Care Provider and parent/guardian and the approval of the school nurse.

The school nurse, in collaboration with the parent/guardian, shall establish a medication administration plan for each student receiving medication.

Standing orders for over-the-counter medication (e.g. Acetaminophen) written by the school physician maybe administered in accordance with the protocol for each medication if a Permission to Treat form signed by the parent/guardian is filed in the health office.