Salem Public Schools is committed to creating an environment that promotes family and community engagement through strong communication.  We believe that good communication is essential to a strong partnership and supports learning and achievement for all.

The main office at each school is the center of communication between home and school and should be your first stop when you need a question answered. If you have a question or are visiting your school, please make sure you first call or stop at the main office. If you need to leave a message for any staff member, you may call the main office or message them directly on ParentSquare.

At Salem Public Schools, we utilize ParentSquare as our district-wide communication platform. You should have received a registration email to register with ParentSquare; if you have not, please get in touch with your school’s main office or email Public Relations

About ParentSquare

ParentSquare is a robust communication platform that offers a whole host of tools that allows the district, school administrators, and teachers to communicate more effectively with families. Some features include:

  • Mass Notifications and Urgent Alerts with two-way communication
  • Mobile Application for Android and iPhones
  • Teacher and Classroom Communication
  • Direct Messaging and Chat with Two-Way Translation
  • Forms and Permission Slips
  • Teacher Conference Sign-Ups
  • And More
how to sign up for parentsquare

Examples of District and School-Wide Communication

  • School Website
  • School Facebook Pages
  • Classroom ParentSquare posts and emails
  • Teacher Phone Calls and/or Emails, ParentSquare messages
  • Weekly District Newsletters
  • Weekly newsletter from the principal
  • Student Report Cards 
  • Teacher Conferences
  • Principal one on ones as requested
  • Family Zoom meetings

We strive to keep parents and guardians informed and to make our community aware of the many events and happenings at our schools by using these communication methods.  We welcome feedback and suggestions. If you are not receiving our communications, please get in touch with the main office at your child’s school.

We use ParentSquare and the above types of regular communications sent via text, email, and phone, as well as post on social media. We have a reasonable expectation that you will check these methods of communication regularly to stay current with SPS notifications.


Our school system can also contact all parents and guardians by telephone through an All-Call system on ParentSquare. If school must be closed or the opening delayed due to inclement weather or an emergency, the school district will attempt to reach all parents and guardians through this telephone system. The school must have an updated telephone number and email address for all student’s families at all times. We urge you to keep this information current through our school office. Additionally, you may obtain school cancelation or delayed opening information through ParentSquare texts and emails, on social media, and from the following sources:

WBZ           Channel 4
WCVB         Channel 5 
WHDH        Channel 7

School Emergency Guide for Caregivers


Often the media/press requests information regarding student awards, honors, scholarships, and sports or club memberships. Throughout the year, the local cable TV channel, newspaper, and school district newsletters/websites will take pictures or write about school activities and students. It is the policy of Salem Public Schools that we will take photographs or videos throughout the school year for marketing and communication purposes unless parents or guardians have opted out in the back-to-school forms or have requested in writing, in advance, that they do not wish to have this information published. We will happily comply with parents’ and guardians’ written requests. If we do not receive a written request or you did not opt out on the back-to-school form, we will proceed with the publication of student information as described above.


We value the privacy of both our students and our staff. Information about students, families or staff is confidential and should never be discussed in public places where others could overhear the discussion. Thank you for respecting the privacy of our children and families. 


We use ParentSquare as a means of regular communication via text, email, and phone calls in the case of urgency. We provide these communications in multiple languages and have a reasonable expectation that you will check these methods of communication regularly to stay current with Salem Public Schools notifications.

What IS Public Relations?

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

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