The Salem School Committee is a publicly elected, seven-member policy-making body responsible for the oversight of the school system. The School Committee is a legislative body that develops, evaluates, and oversees the district’s policies, consistent with federal and state laws and regulations. As such, the School Committee sets the direction in which the system must go, and establishes criteria to determine if its goals and policies are being met. 

2023-24 School Committee 

  • Mayor Dominick Pangallo (, Chair
  • Mr. Manny Cruz (, Vice Chair
  • Ms. Mary Manning (
  • Ms. Veronica Miranda (
  • Ms. Beth Ann Cornell (
  • Ms. Amanda Campbell (
  • AJ Hoffman (

2023-24 Subcommittee Assignments

Building & Grounds

  • Veronica Miranda, Chair
  • Mary Manning
  • AJ Hoffman


  • Amanda Campbell, Chair
  • Beth Anne Cornell
  • AJ Hoffman


  • Mary Manning, Chair
  • Amanda Campbell
  • Veronica Miranda


  • Manny Cruz, Chair
  • Mary Manning
  • Beth Anne Cornell


  • Beth Anne Cornell, Chair
  • Mary Manning
  • Mann Cruz

2023-2024 School Committee Goals

Each member of the Salem School Committee has reflected on the 2022-2023 school year and created goals for moving the work forward for our school community in the 2023-2024 school year. See here, for the overview of each member’s goals.

The complete Salem School Committee Policy Manual is available to the public.

More information about the Salem School Committee, including contact information, subcommittee membership, all meeting agendas, materials, and approved minutes, can be found on the School Committee page of the City of Salem’s website.