Ellen Wingard, M.Ed.


Executive Director of Student Support Services

Ellen Wingard is the Executive Director of Student Support Services for Salem Public Schools.  She oversees student and family support systems, including behavioral and mental health services, nursing and health services, attendance, homelessness and foster care.  The Department of Students Services also leads Salem’s implementation of social-emotional learning and trauma-informed practices and programs to enhance school culture and climate.  

In 2017, Ellen and her team launched the district-wide implementation of City Connects, an evidence-based approach to integrated student support (ISS) that addresses the out-of-school factors that impact students’ achievement.  Prior to this role, she served as a School Adjustment Counselor, first with Cambridge Public Schools from 2002-2016 and then in Salem from 2016-2017.  

Ellen arrived in education via the social work field, working for 10 years in residential and outreach programs for The Key Program, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic services to children and adolescents served by DCF, DMH and DYS.   Ellen holds a B.A from St. Lawrence University and an M.Ed.  from UMass-Boston with a concentration in School Adjustment Counseling,  Drawing on her experience in social work and public education, Ellen prioritizes social justice and inclusive education in order to create more equitable systems of support so all students can thrive.