Salem Public Schools is committed to cultivating a sense of belonging in the climate of our schools, district, and the broader community. When students feel connected to their educational environment, it greatly benefits their educational outcomes. Celebrating diversity at SPS entails creating equitable learning environments for all students. 

An inclusive learning environment will allow all students to learn uninhibitedly, make more significant interpersonal connections with peers and educators, see themselves in the curriculum and surroundings, and protect space for that student to bring their whole authentic selves to the learning environment. This enriches everyone’s learning experience overall. 

The rich diversity among our students, faculty, and staff is essential to achieving the desired outcomes of the district. We aim for students to feel, learn and advance in a manner that reflects themselves and empowers them to acknowledge the positive attributes that they bring to the learning experiences. To do so, educators and staff must see students as collaborators in the teaching and learning process alongside the family and community. It is expected that students be supported and guided by loving adults that wholeheartedly see each student as a whole person with unlimited potential.

Our goal now is to demonstrate that a more inclusive school district and academic excellence are not mutually exclusive. We achieve true excellence when access and success are not limited to a select few, but ensure that all students and staff have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Therefore, we must acknowledge and flatten any hurdles and balance the challenges that provide some students with advantages and opportunities over others.