The Salem Public Schools Office of Employee Engagement is committed to providing excellent employee services. We do this by creating a department that leads with integrity using a customer service approach, all while supporting and encouraging productivity, and diversity of thoughts.

The Office of Employee Engagement will support the District’s vision by promoting inclusivity through our recruitment and human resources practices. We are committed to recruiting the most diverse staff and providing high quality training that is designed to support all educators. Each member of The Office of Employee Engagement is individually and collectively accountable for adding value to the district by providing workplace solutions, and treating those they serve fairly, with dignity, and mutual respect.

In compliance with state and federal laws, the Salem Public Schools maintains a nondiscrimination policy for students, employees and applicants for employment. All educational and employment determinations are based on an individual’s qualifications and achievements without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by state and/or federal statute.


David Turcotte
Interim Human Resources Manager
Phone: 978-740-1115
Fax: 978-740-1279

Linda Richard
Benefits Coordinator
Phone: 978-740-1243
Fax: 978-740-1152

Work With Us!

Salem Public Schools has a wide range of staff positions available in our district. Take a look at what we have and give us a call!


Salem Public Schools (SPS) knows that there is no more important factor in a child’s education than a great teacher. Here in Salem, great teachers are passionate about urban education, drive student achievement, reflect and respect the racial, cultural, and linguistic diversity of our students, and have a strong commitment to the Salem community. Salem Public Schools also seeks individuals who are able to serve all of our students, regardless of ability or language, have experience teaching in urban schools, are bilingual, and hold dual certifications. At a minimum, candidates must:


Salem is a small urban school district that offers opportunities to teach in dynamic, innovative, and progressive model schools. We offer:

  • A collaborative work environment
  • Pathways to teacher leadership
  • Tuition reimbursement to help you further your studies
  • Excellent benefits

For those new to teaching, Salem Public Schools is committed to your success as a teaching professional. Early stage teachers in Salem receive:

  • Instructional coaching to support you in your new role
  • Experienced mentoring
  • Specialized workshops for all first-year teachers

Substitute Teaching

Join our team as a Substitute Teacher!!

Do you enjoy a flexible schedule & working with students?
The Salem Public Schools District is seeking committed substitute teachers to ensure our students receive quality instruction while their teacher is away.

  • All grade levels needed, K-12
  • $100/per day, and $120/ per day for the extended schools

Apply online here or email your resume to 

We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer:


Background Checks

In September 2013, Governor Patrick signed into law Chapter 77 of the Acts of 2013, “An Act Relative to Background Checks.” This new law expands the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks currently used in our schools. Specifically, it requires a fingerprint-based state and national criminal record check for all school employees.

Who Should Be Fingerprinted:

All new hires must go to the registration website to register for a fingerprinting appointment at one of the available enrollment centers. You may provide up to 10 district organization codes to eliminate the need to pay the fee multiple times.

Unlike state CORI checks that have no associated fee, individuals will pay a fee to comply with this requirement of $35.00 for non-licensed employees and $55.00 for DESE Licensed Professionals (including those with pending applications/licenses).

Substitutes are school employees under the new law and, therefore, must submit their fingerprints for the state and national checks. If substitute teachers hold educator licenses issued under G.L. c.71, § 38G, they will pay the $55 fee; otherwise, they will pay the $35.00 fee.

You will be provided with a fingerprint receipt. A copy of this receipt must be returned to The Office of Human Resources as a confirmation that the fingerprints were captured.

*Do not list the individual school location. You must register under the Salem Public School District.

Suitability Letter

If you have already been fingerprinted please request a Suitability Letter to whom possess the results. The suitability letter can be emailed to

Provider Information
Code: 02580000
Salem Public Schools
29 Highland Avenue
Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978-740-1115

Schedule Online Click here to schedule a fingerprint appointment online

Non-staff volunteering

The Salem Public Schools welcomes volunteers in our schools. Prior to volunteering, individuals must undergo a CORI check and be fingerprinted. Please see school administrators for more information.


Salem Public Schools aspires to ensure that all students are prepared to achieve and inspired to learn. Our vision is that all students will be locally engaged, globally connected, and fully prepared to thrive in a diverse and changing world.

We serve over 4000 students who speak more than 34 different languages coming from 37 different countries. 

Under the leadership of Superintendent Stephen Zrike, our district is vibrant, collaborative, and driven to succeed. For more information about our 5-Year Strategic Plan, click here.


Salem, Massachusetts is an historic seacoast community located 15 miles north of Boston with a culturally diverse population of 42,000. Salem is a growing, culturally diverse city with a rich literary, architectural, maritime, and immigrant history. In the 19th~century it was one of the most important seaports in the country. Today it is a lively destination with numerous recreational and cultural attractions that draws people from around the world.