Budget Development Process

The development of the FY2022 school department budget is a multifaceted process that began in the Fall of 2020. The process started with the establishment of a budget calendar and process timeline that helped guide and focus the efforts of all departments. It continued with the reporting of our October 1 enrollment to the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), a critical driver of our state funding targets, as well as state and federal aid. A comprehensive staffing analysis was performed in November and December, a process complicated this year by staff turnover and leaves of absences that continued long into the winter and spring. In December, budget development instructions and templates were distributed to school and district administrators who are responsible for school and departmental budgets, also known as budget managers. School and district leaders collaborate with stakeholder groups, such as school councils and advisory committees in developing budget priorities and requests, which were submitted to district leaders in January.