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Our offices are located in our vibrant and diverse Salem High School. We oversee 1.3 million sq. ft. of building space and 160 acres of outdoor space, including our newest facility Bertram Field. Our committed staff consists of 30 custodians, two groundskeepers, one maintenance, and one HVAC tech. Together we provide a safe, clean, and healthy school environment for all students and staff.

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All applications for the use of school facilities must be filed (10) days before the event at the Building Services Office, Salem High School, 77 Willson Street, Salem, MA 01970. Telephone: 978-740-1143.

It is the policy of the Salem School Committee to encourage the use of School Department property by Salem community groups for worthwhile purposes when such uses do not conflict or interfere with school programs or with the activities of school-sponsored organizations.

Fees are assessed to groups using school facilities to substantially meet the related custodial, utility, and maintenance costs. The school department makes every effort to keep costs as low as possible.

Use of school facilities shall be limited to public gatherings which promote the general welfare. The School Committee is the final authority and judges whether the activity promotes the general welfare or is harmful to property.

The committee reserves the right to reject any or all requests for the use of school property.

Application can be downloaded here.

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