The Goals of Salem Public Schools Professional Development Plan for Early Career Professionals

  • Provide a comprehensive plan to support new teachers in order to address teacher attrition
  • Positively impact student learning outcomes
  • Build community among early career professionals
  • Promote teacher leadership at SPS
  • Support license advancement by providing teachers with an Induction Program and 50 additional hours of a mentored experience
  • Comply with state standards of induction program

In addition, all K-12 early career professionals and their more veteran colleagues have access to a robust cadres of instructional, digital learning, and EL coaches.

“Comprehensive induction and mentoring programs offer critical supports to the growth and development of novice teachers and help them make a stronger impact on students from day one in the classroom. These programs go beyond a simple orientation and the first year of practice. Massachusetts requires beginning teachers to receive tailored learning opportunities beyond the initial induction year in order to receive a professional license. This is often referred to as the 50 hour mentoring requirement.“

(2020). Retrieved 7 February 2020