The Salem Public Schools is committed to providing all students and staff with a safe, healthy, and welcoming learning environment. Additionally, SPS is committed to ensuring its students experience equitable educational opportunities free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, prejudice and hate crimes. All community members are expected to treat each other with respect and appreciate the different and richly diverse personal qualities and skills of members of our school community. The Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan (Linked to the full plan) is central to Salem schools comprehensive efforts towards eliminating all violent, threatening, harmful, and disruptive behaviors and promoting learning across all settings. This comprehensive plan also seeks to enrich students’ lives by validating their sense of belonging and guiding their efforts towards achieving their personal and academic potential and becoming active and successful citizens in our diverse community.

The Salem Public Schools recognizes that certain individuals may be more vulnerable to becoming a target of bullying or harassment based on actual or perceived differentiating characteristics, including race, ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin, socioeconomic status, homelessness, academic status, gender identity or expression, physical appearance, pregnant or parenting status, sexual orientation, mental, physical, developmental or sensory disability, or by association with a person to have 1 or more of these characteristics.

The Salem Public Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan complies with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Model Plan for dealing with bullying behaviors in our schools. The Salem Plan includes strategies for identifying, reporting and responding to bullying behaviors. SPS will not tolerate any unlawful or disruptive behavior including bullying in all forms and types toward others in any school or at school related activities. Salem Schools will promptly investigate all reports and complaints of bullying, take prompt, effective action to end that behavior and prevent its recurrence. Salem Public Schools will support this Plan in all aspects of its activities, including its curricula, instructional programs, staff development, extracurricular activities, and family partnerships.

For the full text of policy 5401.01 Prohibition of bullying and cyberbullying, please click the link.

Is it bullying?

When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once…..
That MAY be considered DISRESPECTFUL.

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once
or both parties are equally being intentionally hurtful…….

When someone says or does something verbally, physically, or written/electronically that
intentionally hurts someone, continues the behavior even when told to stop or shown that the
person being targeted is upset, and has a perceived power imbalance over the target…

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