Family Engagement

The Salem Public Schools sees the engagement of families and caregivers as a critical component to a successful educational experience for students and providing equitable educational opportunities for all Salem students.  We believe that parents, guardians, and other family members are critical partners in the educational process, and we embrace our responsibility to proactively reach out to all families in a variety of ways to support their engagement in the schools.

We will have clearly defined systems in place for family outreach that provides predictable two-way communication between caregivers and school staff. 

Family Engagement Facilitators 

  1. Leads outreach and welcoming activities pertaining to new or incoming families
  2. Provide interpretation/ translation in Spanish when needed for tier II and III support. 
  3. Works with the school leadership to promote a family-friendly atmosphere that respects and honors student and family diversity within the school community
  4. Collaborates closely with the school’s Student Support Teams and others to identify families’ needs and interests, and enable access to community resources

To contact Laura Assade our Family Engagement Manager, please email or call 978-740-1225