Salem Public School Nurses work in collaboration with faculty, staff and administration in each building to ensure that every student has a healthy and safe environment in which to learn. Our goal is to enhance the educational process by promoting good health in the entire school community.

Please consult the Wellness Policy Guidelines that have been adopted by the School Committee for information on how our schools are working to promote health and wellness.

Classroom celebrations, especially in the elementary school setting, can be a challenge as we work to support healthy eating habits in the face of childhood obesity and life-threatening food allergies. Your school nurses have compiled some guidelines and suggestions for alternative, healthier ways to celebrate special days in school.

Please refer any questions about our Wellness Policy to your school nurse.

Wellness Committee Minutes
10/27/21, 1/17/22, 3/30/22, 5/26/22

Wellness Committee Minutes
10/26/22, 12/21/22, 3/29/23, 6/7/23