Meet The Team

Our Instructional Technology Department is divided into three teams who work closely together to support Salem Public Schools instructional goals.

Marc LeBlanc

Executive Director of Instructional Technology

Technical Support

The Technical Support team ensures all students have the hardware they need to engage in their learning. They also provide support for teachers to resolve technology issues that arise that could disrupt instruction.

Carlos Arias Reyes

Technical Support Manager

Scott Enos

Technical Support Analyst

Josh Bent

Technical Support Analyst

Jake Lebreux

Technical Support Analyst

Kevin Jimenez Ortiz

Technical Support Analyst

Digital Learning

The Digital Learning team provides training and support in large groups, small groups and one-on-one sessions to guide teachers in the effective use of technology resources.

Jodi Tamayoshi

Digital Learning Coach

Matt Weaver

Digital Learning Coach

Danielle Marquis

Digital Learning Coach

Data and Applications

The Data and Application team maintains our information systems and provides access for staff and students to our educational software resources. They review data entered by various departments and

Jen Gariepy

Data and Applications Manager

Robin Eddy

District Data Assistant

Helene Casanova

District Application Analyst

Meredith Vargas

Meredith Vargas

District Data Strategist