Over the summer, SPS, in partnership with community organizations, runs an array of lively Summer Programs for students of all ages. Summer programming is a perfect place for students to have fun while learning. During summer programs students build upon their skills and knowledge learned in the school year in through hands-on project-based learning, language-based learning, and community engagement opportunities. Programs keep it fun with exciting problem-solving and peer collaboration challenges, swimming and canoeing opportunities, and not to mention weekly field trips around the North Shore. Check out some of the 2022 Summer Programs in action!

Summer Academy
Rising 1st- 5th graders

Salem Y’s Summer Academy students work with their peers and practice 21st Century skills through hands-on, project-based learning in partnership with Salem Sound Coastwatch during the morning block. During the afternoon enrichment block, campers get to choose from movie making, cooking, outdoor games, gardening and so much more.

Students also go on field trips to Winter Island, where they explore and find crabs and other small creatures from the sea, and Ipswich River where they got to participate in canoeing, paddling, and kayaking.

(English Language Summer Academy)

Rising 1st- 5th graders

This summer, 40 Multilingual Learners in the ELSA summer program engaged in thematic language-based learning! ELSA’s theme this year is “The Amazing World of Plants and Animals” and students were learning all about the life cycle, habitats, and adaption of different plants and animals. Students had the chance to make real-world connections during their visit to the Salem Food Farm at Mack Park and their visit to the Stone Zoo! On the final day of the program, students shared with family and the SPS community all they learned in their student-driven Show Case.

A huge shout-out to ELSA staff Megan Martins, Raisa Ferreras, Vicki Tzortzis, Kylie Felix, Karen Ruiz Veno, Luz Villarreal, and Yelfy Encarnacion for making ELSA such a fun and rewarding experience for students this summer!

Camp Fire
Camp Fire partnered with SPS ELAS program for a 4-week afternoon summer day camp. After an engaging morning learning all about the environment, ELSA campers head over to Camp Fire North Shore for some summer fun. At Camp Fire students engage in theatre arts, sports, games, STEM projects, swimming, arts & crafts, and even cooking.

Catapult Learning
Rising 1st- 8th graders
SPSs’ youngest summer scholars have been working with Catapult Learning using hands-on activities to practice literacy and math skills. During the 4-week summer program, students worked in small group tutoring sessions while also taking breaks between sessions for snacks and recess.

LEAP for Education
Expanding Horizons
Rising 6th – 8th

Middle school students collaborate and engage in student-driven, project-based learning with LEAP for Education’s 5-week summer program, Expanding Horizons. The mornings are spent in small groups engaged in student-driven projects to support 21st-century skill development. Afternoons are an opportunity for students to have fun and get creative during enrichment. Students choose from e-sports, photography, theatre, team sports and so much more.

Summer Connect
Rising 9th

The Summer Connect Program was designed to give incoming 9th graders a chance to jumpstart their high school careers.  The program introduced students to the high school building, routines, and academic expectations.  We built strong relationships between our newest students and staff.  We challenged our students and helped them discover their passions and strengths as they began to think about their college and career goals.  
Students worked together in teams to figure out how to get out of an escape room.  They learned to work as a crew to sail a ship in Salem Harbor and they worked with partners to canoe on the Ipswich River.  Our students helped to grow and maintain the Community Garden at SHS, they participated in art, cooking, and dance classes as well as sports and physical activities.  Finally, our students engaged in goal setting and planning for their four-year high school experience.  This work culminated in their first college visit to Salem State University. 
The Summer Connect Program helped our students learn skills and mindsets that will lead them to have a successful high school experience.  

kids in a canoe

LEAP for Education
Summer Work

Rising 9th- 12th
LEAP for Education worked with 90+ high school students this summer in their Summer Work program. Students engaged in early job experience, career mentorship, and career readiness skills. Students had the opportunity to investigate career areas of their interest during career enrichment blocks. Students even spent time practicing self-care through Mindfulness activities such as zen garden, power of music, and mindful eating.

“Students are super invested in their projects. It’s great to see 9th graders so engaged in their career interest going into high school. ”

– Matthew Lenoard, LEAP Staff

Not Yet Academy
Rising 10-12th
Over the past three weeks, the students in the Not Yet Academy at Salem High School have been working hard to demonstrate proficiency in academic standards across content areas. They have been demonstrating understanding through project-based assignments along with written and oral assessments. We had a total of 92 students participate in the program and expect at least 80% of students to successfully demonstrate proficiency to earn credit. Overall, the NYA program provides students with the opportunity to relearn and reassess in a smaller setting, while earning credits that will allow them to stay on track for graduation. Huge shot out to the NYA Facilitator Janelle Gallant along with all of the teaching staff for the ongoing outreach and student support.