2021-22 SPS Back to School Forms

It is essential for your child’s well being and education that we have accurate and complete information about them in our schools. We appreciate your time and attention so that we can keep your child safe, healthy and thriving in school, meet any of their unique needs, ensure timely communication with you at home, and keep you informed and updated about all that is happening in our schools. 

This year, we have designed the forms so that they can be completed electronically through ParentSquare if you are completing the forms prior to the beginning of school deadline, please see below to download and print your forms for any other purpose. Please deliver handwritten responses to the front desk of your school. There are two separate forms to complete: 

  • Student Contacts and Acknowledgement Form    
  • Student Health Form

Please complete ONE OF EACH FORM PER ENROLLED CHILD. We ask that all families complete these forms as soon as possible so that our schools will have the most updated information on file for your child(ren). It is important that schools have all of this information on file so that we can best serve your child and family.

Should you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties, please contact your school nurse or school front office. 

Prefer to print, fill out, and return to your school?

Links to All School Forms

 Language Health form Contacts form
 EnglishHealth formContacts form
 SpanishHealth formContacts form
 PortugueseHealth formContacts form

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this important information and complete the required forms. Please contact your school front office with any questions.