New Liberty Sophomores Advance to the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair

Posted on: March 12, 2024
New Liberty Sophomores in the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair

Shanay Love, Tyrone Manifold gearing for MSEF Apr. 5 at Gillette Stadium

SALEM (Mar. 12, 2024) – Shanay Love and Tyrone Manifold, sophomores at the New Liberty Innovation School of Salem, advanced to the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fair Friday, Apr. 5 at Gillette Stadium.

Ms. Love and Mr. Manifold were two of four students from New Liberty to qualify for the MSEF following their stellar showing at the Massachusetts Region IV Science Fair Friday, Mar. 1. Joining them at the Region IV fair were sophomores Johana Rodriguez and Antonio Justo.

Ms. Love will again present her project titled ‘Naturally Made Cleaning Products Are Better for the Home Instead Of Using Harsh Chemicals,’ as will Mr. Manifold, who presented ‘Crosswalk Safety: Using Motion Sensors to Decrease Accidents.’

“In their presentations, both Tyrone and Shanay exemplified their willingness to learn,” said Dr. Brenda Goodrum, STEM educator at NLIS. “They not only presented with confidence but also deeply engaged with the ‘why’ of their projects, showcasing their passion and enthusiasm. Shanay presented a compelling narrative on the importance of environmental conservation, starting from what we use to clean our homes. Her awareness and proposed changes are a reminder that everyone can work on a sustainable future.”

The news of her selection surprised Ms. Love, considering it was her first appearance – as well as the District’s – in the Region IV fair. “Two judges did come to speak with me afterward to find out more about my project and what I wanted to do in the future,” said Ms Love, whose project sparked an interest in chemical engineering.

Mr. Manifold credited his educators at NLIS and plans to enhance his presentation for Apr. 5. “I am definitely going to advance-learn and understand more about coding,” he said. “I’d like to be more hands-on and try to build something during my presentation.”

Several judges sent post-presentation messages to Mr. Manifold. “Some sent websites that could help my presentation,” he said. “They all liked my idea and told me to keep going.”

Dr. Goodrum was equally pleased.

“Tyrone, focused on community safety, demonstrated a remarkable understanding of engineering and programming, articulating his concerns with an understanding that shows his learning journey,” Ms. Goodrum added.

New Liberty’s four students were the first in Salem Public Schools history to compete in the Region IV fair, which started in 2006. In 2020, Dr. Goodrum had a cohort of students prepared to enter, but plans were curtailed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The achievement is consistent with the District’s 2023-26 Strategic Plan, particularly the core values of elevating education and strengthening the District’s foundation. 

“Witnessing our students make it to the state science fair fills me with immense pride,” Dr. Goodrum said. “This achievement is not just a testament to their hard work but a reflection of the collective effort of our dedicated school team.

“From Hadee (Benoit, Bilingual Senior Administrative Assistant) and Melissa (Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant), ensuring our students’ timely arrival at school, to Meghan (Murtagh, Employment/Postgraduate Planning Specialist), guiding them in balancing academics and internships, we all share in this moment of success,” she added.

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