Our organization’s values define what we cherish and how we conduct ourselves every day.

During the Fall and Winter of 2021, we surveyed and met with staff, students, and families and asked them to respond to a prompt to help SPS identify an updated set of core values. Nine themes bubbled to the top during this process which was then narrowed down to three. Because we felt the remaining themes of the top 9 were important as well, we incorporated those themes into the value statements for each core value.

The Salem Public Schools’ core values emerged as:

Belonging – We believe all members of our community are valued and that our relationships are built on empathy and respect.

Equity – We believe in promoting social justice to ensure an inclusive school community where all members are empowered and engaged.

Opportunity – We believe all students should receive a personalized experience to achieve academic success, find joy in their learning, and have multiple choices for their post-secondary plans.