SPS Strategic Plan 2023-2026

A Note From Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Zrike:

Our district has gone through tremendous change over the past several years. Now, as we move through our post-pandemic recovery, we are continuing to evolve and rethink our priorities. We are facing pivotal shifts: districtwide efforts to accelerate student learning, implementation of innovative early literacy curriculum resources,  the addition of pre-kindergarten seats, the expansion of our CTE programming, the development of a new secondary school complex, and changes in long-held policies and routines. As a community, we are ready for a new set of goals and priorities to anchor us in what our students and staff truly need as we strive to build and maintain a best-in-class education system.

In our new strategic plan, we recognize every student’s potential and give them opportunities to share their voices, stories and talents through our student-centered programming and dynamic offerings.  We are committed to nurturing our students to become independent learners who can achieve at or above grade level throughout their time in our schools and position them to graduate ready for success in college and/or career.

This strategic plan is deeply informed by our relentless commitment to our students, our educators, and the citizens of Salem.  The plan establishes a bold yet attainable course that focuses on developing a strong operational infrastructure, creating a culture of inclusivity and empowerment for all community members so that our students can achieve at the highest levels. Driving this strategic direction must be our values of equity, belonging and opportunity.  Ultimately, our students regardless of their background, circumstances or learning profile will have access to an exemplary experience where  they feel deeply connected, respected and valued.   

This strategic plan is designed to serve as a roadmap for the district’s work as we continue to offer joyful, rigorous, and meaningful learning experiences for our students, and create a supportive and empowering professional environment for our educators and staff. This plan maps out our priorities and will be used to ensure that we use our resources – people, time, and money – efficiently and effectively.

Our plan is divided into four priority areas which, together, reflect our commitments to realize our vision and mission. Each priority area has a set of high-level strategies and associated action steps, which detail the focus areas and specific actions that we believe will be the most important to achieving our goals. Lastly, each priority area also has a set of specific metrics and performance measures that will be used to measure, track and report on our ongoing progress each year.  

Salem is poised to achieve great things in the coming years as we strengthen the educational environment for all of our students and educators. We welcome your ongoing feedback and urge you to partner with us as we move forward. 


Stephen Zrike

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Core Priorities of the Salem Public Schools 2023-2026

SPS Strategic Plan 2017 through 2022

In 2016-17, over 400 stakeholders engaged in a strategic planning process resulting in a five-year strategic plan for the district (2017 through 2022). The plan clarified the district’s mission, vision, and a set of core values and outlined a set of strategic objectives to improve learning outcomes for all students. Strategic objectives start with a vision statement, identify the four pillars, and call out the conditions for success that will make these goals possible:

This foundation created in 2017 along with the priorities, goals, and metrics that were updated by Dr. Zrike in 2021, are the foundation for the direction of our vibrant school district.